Yesterday Sadiki passed the APD F (retrieving test, advanced class) with 59 points, „good“ and 2nd place!

I´m really really proud of my little Sadi who did a nice job, he got 20 out of 20 points at the walk-up, 17 at the double marking ( 1 land mark & 1 water mark), 7 at the hi lost (he entered the search area quite hesitantly. He has never done this before, so I think he did it because of the judge who was standing in the middle of the search area to get a better impression of the dog´s work. But Sadiki was probably afraid of this „strange man“ standing in HIS search area…well, I guess that´s typical of Tollers… 😉  ) And finally he got 15  at the direction work. All in all I´m really happy and so damn proud of my 3 year old Sadi boy! 😀

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