I´m looking forward to spending my vacation outside in the fields! 😉

Yesterday I took Joker & Sadiki out for a short training session where I mostly concentrated on hi lost (free search) and double marking (land and water). To my surprise both of my boys did a great job on the double markings, but a „could-have-been-better“ work on the hi lost.

It´s quite funny and interesting to train more than 1 dog, because everytime you think he can´t do it any worse, there´s the second dog who proves me wrong. Hahaha No, I´m just kidding, the boys actually didn´t work that bad on the hi lost. Joker doesn´t really like hi lots, he starts in a good speed but once he´s in the area he slows down. He covers the whole searching area very well, but he could do it much faster. Sadiki is almost the opposite of Joker, he starts in a high speed and sometimes even increases the speed when he´s in the middle of the area. He always delivers the first 3 dummies quite soon, but then he „gets stuck“ on the old places where the first 3 dummies were found. He keeps running around these places for a while and just ignores that there´s  a left area which should be covered as well. If Joker was working in the same speed as Sadiki he would do a perfect job and if Sadiki was covering the whole searching area just like Joker does he would do a perfect job, too! 😉  That´s funny isn´t it?

I decided to hide just 4 dummies next time and I´ll put 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side. I hope Sadiki will then realise that he always has to cover the whole area (from left to right and vice versa). Once he delivers all of the 4 dummies soon, I´ll start to hide them deeper in the forest, so he also learns to go deeper. I think he´ll learn quite fast and therefore I´m  optimistic that he´ll soon do a nearly perfect job! 😉 Actually I believe that he would sreach the area better if I had kept training it on a regularly basis, but I´ve to admit that I (just like Joker) do not really like hi losts and that´s why I´ve recently neglected this exercise. But I vow improvement! ;))

In addition to this I will also try to keep this blog updated regularly – at least now where I´ve got vacation!

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