Ready to blog…

In furture you´ll find some training videos and descriptions on this blog. Of course I´ll keep my website updated as well, but I think it´s easier to describe my training on this blog than on my website. To visualize my training I´ll also upload some videos. In addition to this I´ll also use this blog to write down my thoughts to any kind of dog/Toller related stuff. I think you can be really excited to visit my blog regularly…;)

O and in case you ask yourself why this blog is called „tasteandgame“, well that´s thanks to my lack of imagination. :p I was looking for a name where both boys are mentioned and just „Joker & Sadiki“ was too simple. So I decided to chose the first part of their registered name.

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Eine Antwort zu Ready to blog…

  1. Maria Gester schreibt:

    Finally!! I’m looking forward to read about „our“ boys :o)

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